IIM Fees Structure

It is difficult to get admission in IIM but its placement rate is very high. That is why every year more than 2 lakh youth appear for the MBA entrance exam i.e. CAT exam. IIM fees are higher than other management institutes. Most of the youth need education loans for admission to IIM. IIM fee structure 2024 also includes hostel fees and other expenses.

There are a total of 21 IIMs in India. Out of these, 7 have been given the status of Baby IIM. It is necessary to pass the CAT exam to do an MBA or PGDM course from IIM. There are about 5500 seats in 21 IIMs. Every year more than 2 lakh youth appear for the CAT exam for admission to IIM (IIM Admission). From this, the craze of IIM among the youth and the level of competition in the exam can be gauged. 

IIM Fees for MBA: What is the fee for MBA in IIM?

Doing an MBA from IIM is not easy. Firstly, it is difficult to get admission, then a high budget is required to pay its fees. IIM Sambalpur’s fees are said to be the lowest. Whereas, IIM Ahmedabad’s fees are the highest. The fees of most IIMs range between Rs 13 lakh and Rs 26 lakh. If you want to be admitted to IIM’s MBA or PGDM course, then know the fee structure of each branch

Sr No





IIM Ahmedabad Fees

around Rs 26 lakh

around Rs 34 lakh


IIM Bangalore Fees

around Rs 24.5 lakh

around Rs 24.5 lakh


IIM Calcutta Fees

Rs 25-27 lakh

around Rs 35 lakh


IIM Lucknow Fees

Rs 20-21 lakh

Rs 32.2 lakh


IIM Kozhikode Fees

around Rs 21

– Rs 31 lakh


IIM Indore Fees

Rs 21-23 lakh

30.21 lakh rupees


IIM Shillong Fees

– Rs 22 lakh

Rs 26.96 lakh


IIM Rohtak Fees

around Rs 18.30 lakh

Rs 18.73 lakh


IIM Trichy Fees

Rs 21 lakh

Rs 20.55 lakh


IIM Udaipur Fees

around Rs 20 lakh

Rs 20.32 lakh


IIM Ranchi Fees

Rs 17.50 lakh

Rs 17.30 lakh


IIM Raipur Fees

around Rs 17 lakh

Rs 21.04 lakh


IIM Kashipur Fees

Rs 17.30 lakh

Rs 18.10 lakh


IIM Nagpur Fees

Rs 18-19 lakh

Rs 16.74 lakh


IIM Vishakhapatnam Fees

around Rs 17-18 lakh

Rs 16.61 lakh


IIM Amritsar Fees

Rs 15-16 lakh

Rs 16.51 lakh


IIM Bodhgaya Fees

around Rs 15.50 lakh

Rs 15 lakh


IIM Sambalpur Fees

Rs 13-20 lakh

Rs 16.63 lakh


IIM Sirmaur Fees

around Rs 16 lakh

Rs 14.45 lakh


IIM Jammu Fees

Rs 17.15 lakh

Rs 16.50 lakh


IIM Mumbai Fees

around Rs 14 lakh tuition fee

Rs 29-30 lakh

IIM Fees Structure: What is included in IIM fees?

Many types of expenses are included in the total fees of IIM-

  1. Tuition fee
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Boarding (living expenses)
  4. Travel
  5. Course material
  6. Mess fee
  7. Library
  8. Internet
  9. Laptop and computer
  10. Alumni activity
  11. Other necessary expenses


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